Conoscendo il passato si possono creare linee e stili

The passion for beauty, for the things of yesterday and today that enrich the life of every day: this is ZEN furniture.
The furniture Zen, leading company in the territory of Vicenza, has been making art furniture in original Bassano Style since 1970, when a boy nicknamed "Maurizio Cabinetmaker" created his first piece of furniture.
Maurizio Zen was born in 1951 in his family home in Bassano del Grappa, a village in north east of Italy 50 kms far from Venice. Inspired by the sumptuous furnishings of the Palladian villas and his innate ability to wotk a living material such as heart wood, Maurizio Zen has spent his life exploring and developing the elegange of the line of Italian wood masters. He has kept masters’ ideas improving both from the technical and aesthetic profile.
Over the years the laboratory of craftsman has been transformed into a modern company which has given new modern ideas but has never abandoned the original artistic spirit.
Thanking these abilities Zen Company creates perfect furniture for Living rooms and bedrooms, made to last and to resist to the new styles. Our furniture are made to satisfy even the most demanding customers with elegant and refined solutions.
Finishing is made with shellac and beeswax, which give an incomparable softness to treated surfaces. The painting with water colors and the processing method are the result of many years of experience which are part of comapny's assets.
Our furniture are made of solid wood with the best raw materials. We use techniques and advanced materials, but we never forget the traditional arts of Italian wood masters.
All pieces are hand made by craftsmen and supervised by Maurizio Zen himself.